Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Old FOs

As mentioned, I want to show you my old Fos of this year.
The first one is the Zoe Vest from Interweave Crocher Winter 2009. I always wanted to crochet something out of this magazine but for me the project descriptions were all a bit daunting. This one was pretty easy and I did it on the train and during breaks in school - in the deepest summer :-) The yarn is some no-name brand which I inherited from my Grandma years ago.

The second one is the Washington Square Vest from Interweave Knits Winter 2008. I did this during our skiing holiday in the Easter break when we went to North Italy (Sterzing - check out the Wiesnerhof, it's great). I'm not overall happy with the fit of this, it's very loose and floppy although I knitted it to the measurements. The middle part with the cables takes ages and goes very, very slowly. I made it out of "Sea Cashmere" from Lana Grosso which is sadly discontinued. I liked the feel of it quite well.

The third one is the lightweight pullover from Knitbot which I made out of some old Junghans yarn. I don't have the ballband anymore because it was a dress before :-) I was feeling like doing some plain stockinette at the time as I had a lot to do at school and felt really stressed out. The fit is great and it is nice autumn pullover as it is not too thick (as suggested in the name...)

The next one is Cerisara from Chic Knits. I saw it at Robin's and instantly wanted to have one, too. I especially orderd the yarn, Eucool, at Web's (which was pretty quick) - this is also a great yarn which knits up quickly. I haven't worn this one yet as summer this year was either brutally hot or bitterly cold so I hope Indian summer has mercy on me.

The last one was originally the fitted rib Turtleneck from Hollywood Knits by Suss Cousins in GGH Goa. However, the yarn was so heavy and the smallest size rather loose on me that it sagged too much to be comfortable for me. I only wore it one or two times over the years and finally decided to frog it. And now it is the short-sleeved cardigan with ribbing from Stefanie Japel's Fitted knits (only with long sleeves). This is definitely a winner and also perfect for autumn!

Sorry for the pictures, I should have cleaned the mirror before....

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Robin hat gesagt…

Wow, you have a lot of FOs to show. I really like your Cerisara! I just started Bonne Marie's new Basic Chic V-Neck Cardi with a new version of Malabrigo called "Rios". It's like a green/blue superwash worsted. Loving it - pics to come soon.