Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

A looot of things

The new school year has started and there is so much to do before I go to a field trip next week to Cornwall! What brightened the week was the first installment of the Wollmeise Sock Club!

The package is so lovely that I don't want to open it!

I also got the third package of my SP 12 and it was as great:

I really love everything that's in it!! Thank you sooo much!!!

It is surprisingly cold in Munich at the moment and I always have cold feet when I'm at bf's, so I knitted these slippers out of my stash with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. The details are on Ravelry:

On Corsica I found a Phildar store in Ajaccio and of course I bought some stuff (while the bf was reading a newspaper). On book I bought was full of toys and the bf especially wanted to have this pig:

It now resides on the bf's sofa and reminds us of a beautiful holiday. The pattern is ok for my French (I get the hang of it slowly) but there are many, many parts to sew together!

Dienstag, 9. September 2008

I'm back!

So two weeks of being lazy on Corsica are over now. Just to give you a hint - this is where we stayed :-) We had such a good time!!!

I was busy knitting, of course. First I knitted this:

You might wonder what it is. Well, a uterus. BF's sister is a midwife and she asked me to do one for presentations. And I love Ravelry - I found a pattern for it there! I hope the size is right for the "baby".

Next - beach projects: Socks! One pair in Tofutsies, which I found to be a really great yarn.

And one pair in Red Rocks Fiber Works which I got on a swap from Kelly. The colourway is really great and will always make me think of the sea at Corsica:

When we came back, the weather in Germany was very bad so I made myself a sun that I can take with me! Isn't it cute?

I also found a Phildar Store on the island which I of course visited and I just started a cardigan from one of the books I got there - my French is good enough to translate the pattern :-)