Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Happy New 2009

Happy New Year! I know that I am a bit late on that but it's still the beginning of January, right? I had the most blissful (and needed) winter holidays - tomorrow I have to go back to work. Sadly I had the flu over Christmas but I stayed mostly in bed so I was over it pretty soon. After that we went to North Italy to a sweet hotel. The food was fantastic - I guess I have gained some pounds. For the bf I went skiing, something which I haven't done for 15 years and which I didn't really like as a child. But I have to admit thast it was kinda nice this time. Maybe because of the skiing instructor (the bf :-) ) ? Anyway, I think  I will keep on doing it - it's a good contrast to dancing anyway.

I did also a lot of knitting but I didn't have time to take photos yet. After months, I finally finished the second sweater for the bf (no sign of the curse yet), I mad a travel neck pillow and a felted bag. I also started a cardigan (I'm on the first sleeve) and today I frogged the silken scabbard and started on the baby cables. I also sewed an evening dress as I'm going to a ball with the bf at the end of january. As soon as the shoes are delivered you will get pictures!

I also got lovely, lovely yarn from my secret pal - it 's soo soft and the colour I really nice. Thank you again so much! Pictures of that also soon.